El Centro cuenta con diferentes aulas y laboratorios para impartir la docencia de las diferentes titulaciones, siendo éstas de mayor y menor capacidad equipadas con mobiliario fijo o móvil...

Los dos bloques del edificio conectados en un nivel superior por medio de pasarelas, crean un patio central ajardinado, de inspiración minimalista, que genera una secuencia con el entramado general...

Our faculty

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is located in a new building (2010), on the campus of Ramón y Cajal, where currently four undergraduate, one double undergraduate and three postgraduate degreesare held. We aim to offer you the best possible services related to these degrees, such as an excellent library, rooms for group work, Wi-Fiareas, and seminars, etc. We hope that you all appreciate this like something that is part of your training, and therefore deem it as your own.  In case that you considerthat some issues could be improved, you are warmly invited to do some constructive criticism and to channel it properly.

The whole team of the Deanery is available for you at any time and on this Internet site we hope tooffer you important information and references that we hope will be useful to all of you.

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