Los dos bloques del edificio conectados en un nivel superior por medio de pasarelas, crean un patio central ajardinado, de inspiración minimalista, que genera una secuencia con el entramado general...

El Centro cuenta con diferentes aulas y laboratorios para impartir la docencia de las diferentes titulaciones, siendo éstas de mayor y menor capacidad equipadas con mobiliario fijo o móvil...

International Office

The International and Institutional Relations Office carries out the transverse task of the management, promotion and dissemination of actions that have a positive international impact on the Faculty of Education Sciences. Some of the competencies of the International and Institutional Relations Office are:

International Relations:

1.       Updating and promoting the creation of international agreements

2.       Promoting the creation of joint international degrees

3.       Developing the Language Policy of the centre.

4.       Improving the support service to students involved in international mobility.

5.       Strengthening the dissemination of the International Relations’ actions.

Institutional Relations:

1.       Establishing relationships with entities in our environment.

2.       Maintaining and reinforcing relationships with other Faculties of Education.

3.       Institutional representation of the Faculty of Education Sciences.

4.       Coordinating the policy for communications media and corporate image of the Faculty.

Where can you find us?

Information for Incoming Students (ERASMUS+)

In which subjects can an Erasmus+ student register?

As an Erasmus+ student you can choose:
1. Subjects from the first, second, third, and fourth year of any of our degrees.
2. Spanish language courses are available for free at the "Instituto de Idiomas de la Universidad de Sevilla" http://institutodeidiomas.us.es/

The following list can give you more detailed information on our degrees offered:


  • If you are going to stay the whole academic year, you may choose annual
  • classes, and courses from the first or second “cuatrimestre” (four-month period).
  • If you only stay the first “cuatrimestre”, you may choose classes from the corresponding four-month period).
  • If you will only stay the second “cuatrimestre”, you may choose from the subjects in that four-month period.
  • You should keep in mind that some classes have more than one group when there are a high number of registered students. Every group has its own schedule and professor. This information is very important and it must be indicated on your registration form. You must ensure that you attend classes and take exams in the same group that appears on your registration form.

Learning Agreements

The learning agreement is a document that establishes the course equivalencies in both universities.  Once your agreement is finished, you should get it signed by the Vice-Dean for Internationalisation. The student should bring this agreement to the Office of International Relations to be signed and then sent to the home university. The Office of International Relations in Seville will keep a copy of the learning agreement.


Registration will be done in person at the International Center (Avda. Ciudad Jardín, 20-22, 41005 Sevilla).
It is very important to do this promptly so that you can get your UVUS (Username and Password) as soon as possible. This will allow you to access the virtual learning platform and all of the University services.


1. Visit the International Center to register. Do not forget to enter the course code number and the group,  and to sign the registration form.

2. The International Center will process the registration and generate a payment slip (called “carta de pago”) for you to sign and keep. This document will contain all your academic information, including the assigned groups, and will display a fee of 6,82 Euros to be paid for the Mandatory Student Health Insurance and for your Student Card. This payment will be made in a Banco de Santander by handing in the payment slip together with the previously mentioned amount of money.


They will be requested to the International Center in the established period. The Student Health Insurance is only to be paid the first time.

Course Timetables: http://fcce.us.es/docencia/horarios-grados

Exam Information: http://fcce.us.es/docencia/examenes

The final marks can be seen, once they are handed in by the professor, in the Virtual Secretary using your UVUS account. Once the mark is definitive it will be published. There are procedures to complain about the mark and you may consult the secretary of the faculty if necessary.

Academic Calendar 2014/15:


Transcripts of Records

Records are sent to your university by the Office of International Relations once the professors have published the marks. Given the high number of Erasmus students each year, they usually take a while. In case of urgency, you may write to relint21@us.es

Before leaving Seville, it is recommended that you confirm that your group is correct and that you have all the signatures on your learning agreement.


You can print a provisional copy of your transcript of records at the Virtual Secretary, with your UVUS account, in order to show them to your university. If there is any error on any mark, you may contact the class professor for a solution. DO NOT forget to take note of the email addresses of all of your professors.


You may find helpful information about accommodation in our city following the link below: http://sacu.us.es/spp-servicios-alojamiento


The City of Seville